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Sovrag was born in 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Their first EP Tribute to Death was released in 2021, their first studio album entitled Perfect Form From Chaos Born was released in 2023. It is impossible to feed both wolves of human nature, on one side the aggressive and violent evil beast and on the the other side a noble creature that longs for serenity. In a similar matter it is impossible to define the musical style of Sovrag as it ranges from double bass and blast beat explosions to melodic solos, all brought together with some tasty riffs. The style is based on the sound of 90s melodic death, black and thrash metal with zero limitations to stay within the boundaries of any mentioned genre.

Luka Orel - Vocals
Boštjan Ivančič - Guitar
Marko Krulič - Guitar
Erik Vukmirovič - Bass
Volkun - Drums
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